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2018 Classes



  1. Class starts on:11/00/18 ending on 12/00/18 -M, W, and Thursdays.  Classes are held in Driver’s Education Room 102 from 3pm-5pm.  Cost is $600.  There will be a MANDATORY parent/guardian (mother and/or father) meeting held at Goffstown High School on 11/00/18 from 6 -7:00 pm in Driver’s Education Room 102...
  2. Student Student must be NO Younger than 15 and 9 months by the first day of class and will provide a copy of birth certificate in proof of this.  Student agrees to attend all scheduled classes.
  3. Please be prompt to classes.  Students are not allowed to miss more than a total of 4 hours of class for any reason.  Also for those four hours you will need a note stating sickness, injury, or funeral if not it will result in an incompletion or failing grade for this course. There will be NO exceptions, as this is a State Regulation.
  4. All students must comply with the rules of your high school as outlined in the student handbook. All students are required to have some knowledge of the street signs. Visit these two links  and and
  5. Attendance in class is required.  If a student is absent from class then they must seek make up work from their class instructor.  However, no student can miss more than two classes.  If they miss more than two classes, then they will be asked to leave the class with no refund.
  6. Driving lessons are scheduled in advance.  Each road instructor will post his or her schedule in advance.  If a student misses a driving lesson without notification and/or an excused absence as stated in the student handbook, then they will be required to pay a missed driving lesson fee of $30.00.  
  7. Cancellations of a driving lesson should be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson; please call your driving instructor.  You will not be charged if you call, or if you are absent from school with parent’s permission.
  8. Cancellation of class due to bad weather will be announced over the intercom.  If school is cancelled then driver’s education classes and driving lessons are cancelled for the day unless you hear from your instructor.
  9. Students must satisfactorily complete 10 hours of driving and 10 hours of observation.
  10. Students must satisfactorily complete and pass the class requirements of their class instructor.
  11. Students will be required to document 40 hours of driving and submit it to the State.
  12. Students must adhere to State Eligibility Requirements, to successfully complete the course.
  13. No students will be given a green slip (showing successful completion of Driver Education) that have not paid in full, and/or have not returned textbooks; all assigned classroom work has not been completed and turned in at the end of this class.
  14. Upon successful completion of Driver Education, all paperwork, including green slip, will be given out or mailed.  
  15. There will be NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed in the classroom.
  16. Students arriving more than 5 minutes late to class will be considered absent.
  17. To be allowed to take Driver Education, your son/daughter must have PASSED four High School classes the previous quarter.
  18. All students must pass an eye test prior to the first day of class.  20/40 is passing.
  19. I have read, understand and agree to abide by these Driver Education Rules which are subject to change in accordance with the requirements of the State of New Hampshire. 
I give permission for ___________________________ to take Driver Education at Goffstown High School at a cost of $600.(non-refundable following the second class).  To the best of my knowledge, he/she has no physical/mental problems nor any other disabilities which would interfere with the safe operation of an automobile and I kept a copy of this contract.   EXCEPTION (S) _________________________________________________________________________

Are the driving privileges for the person enrolling in the driver education program currently under suspension or revocation?  ____YES   ____NO Is there any pending action against the person enrolling in this driver education program which could cause the driving privileges to be suspended or revoked in the future?  ____YES   ____NO
If the enrollee's driving privileges become suspended or revoked during the program, any such action will immediately be reported to the driver education program administrator.

Social Security # ______________ Height_______

Weight  _______  Eye_______ Hair  _______


Signatures: Parent:  ___________________________________      Date: ________
Student: ____________________________________________     Date: ________
Home Phone:___________    Address:_____________________   NOT A P.O.BOX
                                                             CITY, ZIP,PLEASE PRINT 

 TURN APPLICATIONS IN AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE OR MAIL FORMS, COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND CHECK FOR $600. TO COVER PROGRAM COSTS TO: Mr. Ross’ Driving School, 12 Mercury Dr. Lonodonderry, NH 03053 Please make checks payable to Mr. Ross’ Driving School. All returned checks may be subject to a $20.00 fee.

Acceptance of this application will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis and also availability of driving times.  Advance notice will be given as soon as possible for any cancellations or modifications to the class schedule.  Students and parents should review the pages listed and complete each appropriate  page. Any questions please call  (603)661-3547 (Cell) ... Remember,  We are only a click away by e-mail...

Mr. Ross' Driving School
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